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Moo.Trashes Moo.Trashes v2.7.106

Moo.TrashesAt last! Moo.Trashes is available to the public!

Moo.Trashes (Moo Dot Trashes) is a virtual necessity in today's world of stressful workplaces and mixed computer networks. The program has two main functions:

  • searching and eliminating unnecessary files
  • keeping you entertained all day

These unnecessary files include thumbs.db, .Trashes, .ds_store, all those files prefixed by ._ and many more. You can add and remove file names from this list.

More importantly, though, is the assistance of the character in evaluating your very existence, and letting you know about his various bodily functions.

Feedback, suggestions etc are welcome, please use the forum or send me feedback directly.

Full Version - Moo2.exe, 7.54MB

Update version 2.x to 2.7.106

Download from Infinite Madness
Download from

Download Moo.update.exe, 612KB

Language Packs Notes
Default, Version 1.02 This is the language pack distributed by default with Moo.Trashes. (317KB)
Pottymouth, Version 1.03 Please note that this language pack has highly offensive language and should be avoided if anyone of a sensitive nature uses the computer. (318KB)
Spanish, Alpha version Please note this is very much an Alpha version and therefore may have some glitches. Please send me feedback on your experience with this language pack, positive and especially negative! (2.72MB)
  • Note to change languages, click on Agent in the options and make your selection from the Character Language section. If your newly installed language pack isn't in the list, restart Moo.Trashes.

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