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Percy, the bushy-bit and the frosh Tutty.

Posted: Thu Jan 01, 2004 11:44 pm
by bron
Percy the pen-come-penguin waddled to his mirrorred tongs to peep at his purple balls. "My God! I want to DIE!!' exclaimed Percy, as he slapped his own chops repeatedly. His purple balls had grown big, black back-titties overnight. It must have been caused by all that attention he'd paid to his pretty purple bits beneath the velcro last night.

Pencilling on fat fish-lips, he reached for the gravy spoon. "*chortle* Time to extract that bushy-bit!". Buttering his boobs, he levered the gravy spoon on top of his bended knee to best project the fluffy peas into the moist tutty. "Hastenforth wee fluffy peas!" he cried as the peas shot through the air, colliding with two carrots and a pickle. "RUBBAAH!!!" he screamed with joy, as the peas, carrots and pickles slammed it right into the Tutty's drinky-chinky, making a crisp, clinking Vanny-fart.

The bushy-bit that had firmly lodged itself shuddered and schlurrped but did not budge, only moved further from extraction. "Bum-burp and dick-dirt, this is NOT going to be easy" he muttered, as he beat his head against a fat, black wall. "My balls have black back-titties and I've just lost my lunch."

Walking over to the Tutty, he peered into it at the remains of his lunch, which were now being consumed by crabs. "I need a drink, quickly." Stumbling to the drinks cabinet, he poured a thick, red Mosquito-eater into a tall qwaffar. "Oooohh, lecker ding!" he sighed, as the drink hit him, and oozed over his morose noodle (otherwise referred to as the-strange-brown-thing-that-could-be-pasta) with a frosty chill.

Gagging as he wiped his own morose wrinkled noodle with Goober-wipes, Percy went back for re-inspection of the Tutty and the firmly lodged lunch-bush. "Brace yourself, baby" he grunted to himself, as he unclasped his Why(?)-fronts with a nod, click and a tug, then slammed his blue-giant-in-a-fluffy-red-tutu into the depths of the fleecy frosh.

With a desperate gushing pop, accompanied by a smell which seemed to have issued forth from the second stomach of a week-old roadkill, the bushy-bit was launched into the atmosphere. Gaining great hairy heights, it stayed up until the winter frosts had melted, and his purple balls were restored to mere twinkles in the dark.

- Bb :D and RedRaven :twisted:, first of the first, 2004

Percy unmasked

Posted: Fri May 21, 2004 12:59 am
by bron


He's out there.