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Moo.Trashes Moo.Trashes Version History

2.6.95 to 2.7.106

  • Removed ability to add files with the characters \ / : * ? < > | "
  • Error occurs if the filename is too long
  • Message boxes are displayed without Agent Speech Output Tags (\emp\ etc)
  • Languages now include labels and dialogs, capabilities vastly improved
  • Startup registry setting now per user rather than machine (some had problems changing the value if they weren't logged in as administrator)
  • Help files updated
  • Dozens of minor improvements

2.6.92 to 2.6.95

  • Reminder message box now optional in both Reminder and Word of the Day
  • Language version number displayed
  • Stop button added to Agent Capabilities Options
  • Feedback link added
  • Hand icon added to all clickable pictures
  • Fixed crash if you click on icon while message box open

2.6.91 to 2.6.92

  • Agent no longer searches for multiple pet names
  • Default language v1.01 released

2.5.75 to 2.6.91

  • Reminder message box appears (as well as speech)
  • Updates to the default English language file
  • Agent can no longer be dragged off the screen
  • Massive backlash against throbbing box - stays white now
  • Multiple &name&s can be used
  • Cleans up update temp files properly
  • Download screen updated
  • Individual language packs are now versioned and can be updated
  • Other minor updates

2.0.52 to 2.5.75

  • Major revamp to look and feel
  • Help files overhauled
  • Reminder options expanded
  • Word of the Day fixed
  • Minor updates to the default English language file
  • Dozens of other minor updates

2.0.47 to 2.0.52

  • Identified several more non-English regional settings issues (thanks Herman)
  • More information on changes given on download page
  • Minor updates to default English language file

2.0.45 to 2.0.47

  • Program crashed on systems with non-English regional settings (thanks Herman)


  • Original 2.0 public release


  • This was a very boring application used privately exclusively to clean up rubbish files

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