The pantomime animals

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The pantomime animals

Post by garry » Sat Dec 13, 2003 11:25 pm

The dew had begun to evaporate this was a clue that it was time to go to bed, another battle won, that is assuming nothing gets me in my sleep, there goes Arthur, he'll be doing the same well off i go. God, the foliage is so thick around here, thank god I have this track to follow back to my home. Ahh, here we are, nothing like a sleep to cast aside those worries, I wonder wher Peter got to last night, he wasn't at our usual spot, and I heard shots in the distance, I hope he is alright. No I had better not think of those things now I should just go to sleep. ...............................................
"GOOD AFTERNOON!! sleepy, your not gonna sleep the night away tonight"
Oh, great, it feels like ive barely closed my eyes, and old Arthurs on my case, is it realy afternoon already. "Good afternoon Arthur"
"So kid you ready to do some foraging" Arthur says.
"Well Im bloody awake now arent I" I reply
"Well lets go"
its twighlight as we walk from the forest onto the field.
Oh, thank god theres Peter, "Hello Peter, you bastard, you gave us an awful fright"
"Terribly sorry old chap, got caught up late last night visting a lady friend"
Peter had a habit of gallivanting around the country.
"Hope you boys didn't lose any sleep over me" says Peter
"Straight to bed lights out for me" says Arthur
"She's gonna be a gloomy night tonight" I say to Arthur
"Its better this way less chance of being seen" says Arthur to myself
"well thats enough chit chat we had better spread out" I say
After a time I hear a noise, sounds mechanical, whats that light" CHRIST IT"S BLINDING! "
BANG!!, BANG!!, BANG!!..............." see I told you I was a good shot " says Bailey, "Look three of the little bastards"
"Nice shootin Bails" says Tex, "gonna have some rabbit stew tonight for sure"

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