I, I, you, you

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I, I, you, you

Post by garry » Sun Dec 14, 2003 1:19 pm

"I want to go down to the woods today", he screamed with suprise.
He didnt realy want to go anywhere that was the suprise.
Suprised to say he wanted to go to the woods today, he wondered what would be the next suprise.
Hang on its Christmas today, that was the next suprise.
He got up real quickly and ran downstairs, and there before his eyes, he was suprised to see no christmas tree, presents and such guise.
He ran away to check the day and noted to his suprise it was March today.
"Hip Hooray", he spoke with sarcastic eyes.
Suprisingly though the four month delay, did not cross his mind
He just felt incredibly stupid and was suprised to find he had died.

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