What does it stand for?
Why do igloos smell funny?
When did impotence strike Fred?
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Top B.A.F.C.

Bogans always fuck cousins.
Butt Action? Fingers crossed.
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Brown Arse, Fluffy Crumpet.
Bludgeon a flying cockatoo.
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Bony arses fracture chairs.
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Post by bron » Tue Sep 21, 2004 1:55 pm

Bitch About Funny Crap

Billy Ate Fanny Coits

Brown Arse, Fluffy Crumpet

Burgeoning Anal Flap Cracker

Best Acid Fart Competition

Bring all furry chimps

Bounce And Fling Cantelopes

Bludgeon a flying cockatoo

Bumping against five cocks!

Bring Along Feathered Cocks

Bloody arrogant fresian cows

Behold all fangled cracks

Bickering ants fighting carrots

Busted armadillos flee crime

Balony! At fucking Canberra?

Badgers aren't fully carniverous?

Breasts are friendly critters

Breasts are friendly critters

Breasticles ain't for chumps

Brown anuses fart crazily

Burping arses for charity

Blow any friendly chap

Boggle at filthy creases

Bare arses, friends. Cheese!

Bevan ate fried chicken

Boning antelope, feeling chagrined...

Beefy, and feeling charitable

Bursting acne feels chunky

Butt Action? Fingers crossed.

Bruised aardvarks fondle chooks

Bron's attitude's fairly crass

Busy all fighting cholera.

Blistering after fig custard

Begging after fried chips

Bron aided fingering Cathy

Begin again - finished chortling

Bald albinos flee china

Bread aisles for charity

Briskly appraising finer clothes

Bony arses fracture chairs

Bugger all for cash

Breakfast? Already? Finished chundering...

Busted and feeling cranky

Breasts against Fido's crotch

Briefs again fall crisply

Blanched almonds fondle croissants

Bulls abolish fine china

Bash Arnold! Fight, child!

Broken arms feel crackly

Bullshit! Aaron flaccid cock

Bogans always fuck cousins

Blending aardvarks, feeling curious

Beryl again frigged Charlie

Bonnie’s aunty flipped crepes

Braised ankles feel crazy

Buzzards are finnicky chaps

Bob's anal fissure cracked

Bob asked for cream

Bonking arduously, flowing copiously

Bound and fondled curiously

Bouncing amid falling crap

Brie's a french cheese

Bewildered, all flung chairs.

Broadbeans are frigging crap

Breeding allows fuck cheese

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