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Posted: Mon Nov 29, 2004 12:18 pm
by meade
Farting in hurt mice's arses feels creepy
Fighting? It hurts man! And fisting chafes!
Fuck! I'm horny. Must attack Fred's cat.
Frumpy indignant ho's make a fine casserole
Fluffy irritating horse minge and flat cats!
Found I had mumps and fucking crabs...
Fighting Iguanas Hate My Armarni Fluffy Coat
Forever I hurl my anchovies for Charles
Finland? In Hungary my arse farted cherries!
Fuck, I have mice and ferral cats
Fickle Icicle Hangs Merrily Above Festy Cracks
Feverishly I hacked my aunt, finding chickens...
Forever I have mauled and fisted canines
Fleeing iceland, Herbert made a feathery cap
For Ian habitually made arse flavoured crepes
Ferrets inside hippos? Mondays are finally crappy...
FREDERICK!!! I have made a fucking cake.
Feeling Ill, Harold made a funky chunder.
Feverishly I hacked, mangled and flung cheese.
Finally I hang Maude and flee Chicago.
Family igloos harbour many arses, faces and cracks.
Felching icing helped make a fuck cake!
fanging in his motorcar and flinging crusts
Found Ian happily mounting a fine chook.
forever it haunts mansions and finds crannies