Things I am told belong elsewhere!

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Things I am told belong elsewhere!

Post by Push2Eject » Thu Jun 03, 2004 4:19 pm

'Tis not Brillig but I,
The Slithy Toves I'll not deny. [thanks to Lewis Carrol]

Doth wyre and gymal in this wabe,
Why for did you send me here, babe?

Cryptic clues, like rancid muse,
Infest this wanton virtual ruse.

How base to be, how self-constrained,
Yet come through clean, my soul unstained.

Fuck me tender, fuck me sweet,
She never did like my red meat.

Because I was grassy and wanted wear, [thanks to Robert Frost]
There are no tire marks here unaware.

But Damnation lights the future now,
My ears forever changed I vow.

Sing a song, a lullabye,
Lay gently down and watch the world go by.

Mao Tse Tung, he's come undone, [thanks to Alabama 3]
For I've had my fun without a gun.

At turn of age, returneth she,
To ways of old, so unlike me.

Nights are played out numb of mind,
Personas mixed, engulfed, entwined.

This - is - not - my - idea - of - a good time [thanks to Garbage]
This - is - not - my - idea - of - a good time
This is not my idea

But always there, we will be,
Ready to help, I hope we agree.

Joy I find, salvation free,
Friends again, the dark one and me.

And I -
I am become the route not taken... ;-) [thanks to Robert Frost]

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